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Track Multiple Packages

Batch Automated Queries

Bulk tracking - API docking query: Track718 provides a standardized API data interface that enables automatic transmission of trajectory data through Webhook URLs, saving time and effort in query operations, making your work more efficient and smooth.

Free docking

Track worldwide packages - Excel batch import: Welcome to the Excel batch import function! You only need to import the logistics tracking number into the track718 platform through an Excel file to achieve automated tracking of the corresponding tracking number, which is convenient and fast, making your logistics management more efficient.

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Trace Multiple Packages

with Data-Driven Operations

Track718 offers a data dashboard that encompasses a wide range of features, including a distribution map showcasing the status of multiple tracked packages, an overview of countries involved in bulk tracking, statistics on logistics provider timeliness, national package tracking efficiency, and consumption statistics for individual shipments worldwide. This comprehensive tool empowers you to gain deeper insights into your logistics operations, enabling you to adjust plans promptly and enhance the efficiency of tracking multiple packages and monitoring worldwide shipments.

Track Multiple Bundles

With Mail Subscription Automation

Our Mail Subscription Automation feature is designed to enhance your user experience and satisfaction. We offer support for tailored email notifications, allowing you to efficiently track multiple packages and monitor bulk tracking activities. With the ability to customize email content and target notification recipients, you can stay updated on worldwide package movements and logistics trajectory changes in a timely manner.

Track Multiple Packages Better

With Free Query Plugin

Discover our hassle-free and easy-to-install free query plugins, designed to seamlessly integrate trajectory tracking capabilities into your website. With our plugins, you can effortlessly enable bulk tracking and track worldwide packages, enhancing the functionality and convenience of your site for your users.

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Multiple Package Tracking Pricing

Take advantage of our free trial upon registration, where you can effortlessly import document numbers for bulk tracking purposes. Once imported, our platform will automatically track multiple packages and provide timely updates when there are changes in the package's trajectory, ensuring you can easily monitor and track worldwide packages without any hassle.

Personal inquiry Free Edition
  • 500 PCS
Enterprise query customized
Quota Purchase $29
  • 10000
  • 50000
  • 100000
  • 200000
  • 500000+
Member Details
  • Tracking API and webhook:

    Easily add tracking functionality to your system with our shipment tracking API and get real-time updates from Track718 by subscribing to tracking webhook.

  • Integration with 2,000+ carriers:

    Support get real-time updates from 2,000+carriers.

  • Multilingual tracking pages:

    Provide trajectory translation in over 60 mainstream languages.

  • Email notifications:

    Proactively send status change notifications to customers via email.

Contact us to Learn More

Track718 has a dedicated team specializes in creating tailored solutions for tracking multiple packages and implementing efficient bulk tracking strategies. We'll work closely with you to develop the ideal tracking solution that suits your unique requirements and aligns with your logistics characteristics, ultimately helping you track worldwide packages with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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