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Small bag - API Usage Guide


The Track718 API provides a series of HTTP request interfaces for interacting with Track718 services. Through these interfaces, you can perform various operations, such as adding, querying, updating, deleting, etc. for order number subscriptions.

Usage Guide

The Track718 shipment tracking API is designed to provide the track tracking function of express order numbers., The usage guide calls the usage steps, as shown in the following figure :

  • 1.Register a Track 718 account
  • 2.Get API KEY
  • 3.Fill in Webhook information
  • 4.Use related API
1. Registered account number

  • • In order to use our API, you need to register an account first. Registration is free, Click hereRegister
  • • Each account receives 500 free orders per month

2. Get API KEY

• Generates an API KEY for authentication per call, Click here to obtain API KEY

3. Fill in Webhook information

• You need to fill in the correct Webhook URL to receive the single-number track scanned by Track 718 system, Click here to set Webhook

4. Use related API

• You have prepared your account, API KEY, and Webhook in the first three steps, and now you can use the relevant APIs.

API usage instructions

Step 1: Registration Form Number

Step 2: Listen to the WebHook interface to obtain push trajectory information

  • • For specific receiving examples, please click on:Webhook push

Step 3: Actively obtain trajectory information through API query interface

Other related API usage