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Advantages of settlement

Global logistics services platform of open ecology, mutual benefit, and win-win results. Track718 is a one-stop logistics trajectory monitoring and visualization platform, which helps worldwide logistics providers understand the movement of goods in real time, reduce management risks, and support digital and safe logistics and transportation. TRACK718 welcomes global logistics services providers to come to our platform. We will be committed to worldwide logistics services from multiple angles, providing one-stop global logistics services for Chinese brands going overseas across borders and achieving overseas intelligent marketing.

Query channel sharing

Support users to query your package information on the track718 platform. For example, you can input usps tracking package number and follow the real-time logistics status.

Improve query service

Supplement the first and last package information to provide customers with the whole process worldwide logistics track query.

Win win cooperation

Create exclusive page: display logo + official website + business introduction + free advertising space

Logistics provider entry process

TRACK718 focuses on becoming one-stop global logistics services inquiry platform. We are committed to helping all large and small international logistics providers, using information technology to track worldwide logistics information, reduce operating costs after sales, and enhance buyers' satisfaction and loyalty to after-sales service. For example, we provide customized world wide logistics information inquiry pages when you input usps tracking package number..Let customers view product advertisements while querying global logistics services information, to achieve intelligent marketing. We are here to welcome the worldwide logistics providers to come and settle in.

consulting service

The sales manager provides professional consulting services

Information provision

Provide relevant information as required

Docking Online

After passing the review, we will arrange to connect and go online

Contact us for free

Contact us when you are ready to settle in: company profile, logo, official website address, query track link or API information, and query track number (example).

Scan QR code through wechat and contact sales consultant to settle in

WeChat scanning two-dimensional code concerns "Track718" official account